Quality Time is an art and design studio founded by interdisciplinary designers, strategists, and makers. We believe jokes, family meals, and a big messy table lead to timeless, relatable, and thoughtful results. Together, we dream up and build experiences, identities, and graphics through iterative prototyping, writing, and discussion.

VARIOUS LOCATIONS Identity and web design for VARIOUS LOCATIONS, a platform for a curated selections of premium artistic venues in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzen that bridge the culture gaps between the US and China.

TATTOO Designed, and fabricated book outlining the history of tattooing from its Polynesian roots to present day styles and trends. There is a typography chapter that includes a plexi case with removable silicone swatches that have beentattooed with American traditional, calligraphic, script, and new school lettering. Other chapters touch on the contested history of ‘freakshows’, the Japanese yakuza and irezumi, and tattooing’s crossover with the fine art world.

QUALITY TIME TENNIS CLUB A collection of tennis merchandise made for an open ended club. Graphic and illustration work has been translated in a brand spanning digital and physical products.

HOLLYWOOD   The Hollywood sign landmark is a cultural icon and an emblem of status characterized as ostentatious. Leo Braudy’s discussion on his book The Hollywood Sign deciphers it as an American ideal of self-recognition. Hollywood, a place to strive for but never attain. It’s a metonymy for the film industry, real estate, rock and roll, freeways, and all the other LA shit you can think of. This book is an ode to the city, the sign, the sights, and LA’s fascinating histories. The Hollywood sign, erected in 1923, turns 100 this year (2023). Happy Birthday, Hollywood.

NEW EARTH HOTLINE The New Earth Hotline is an ongoing art project taking place here in San Francisco. Every month I produce a new set of risograph printed 11” x 17” posters with text that reads “Call This # Now - 415 - 952 - 7324”. The phone number is a direct to voicemail line. The vibed out voice mailbox solicits callers to leave a message detailing one thing that they know is true. This book is a collection of 150 of the most interesting messages in the growing archive. The voicemails are arranged chronologically by time across a 24hr cycle allowing us to consider how truth might change depending on time of day.

CCA MFA An attempt to embrace the potential of interference as a concept to drive a branding design.. Combining an arrays of disciplines, methods, and theories - they continually push the boundaries of what design is. Designers lean into the unknown made by interlacing unfamiliar frequencies of research and form-making. on.

Quality Time is a collective design studio founded in San Francisco by a group of designers whose work spans across graphic, industrial, and interactive design. With our interdisciplinary practices we specialize in branding and comprehensive design systems through an iterative approach of making.
San Francisco, CA

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